About MVSY


At Mindful Vinyasa School of Yoga™  we impact, empower, and unify people through the transformative practices of yoga and mindfulness.  We offer yoga teacher training, workshops, yoga classes, & mindfulness instruction in West Michigan and beyond.

IMPACT - our teacher trainings, workshops, continuing education programs, and yoga & mindfulness instruction are designed to bring you deeper into your understanding of yourself. We offer experience based learning opportunities. We coach and mentor with compassion, integrity, and a mindful awareness that you are already your own best teacher.

EMPOWER - We create a safe and supportive environment in everything we do. This deliberate environment combined with over 20 years experience in counseling, group facilitation, coaching, health & fitness, yoga, and mindfulness instruction serve as the foundation for bringing about your best, most powerful self.

UNIFY - Our mission is to bring you closer to YOU. Closer To your heart's calling, your innate power, your authentic voice,  and your unique gifts. Once you become closer to YOU you will naturally see the deeper connection which radiates from everything that is.



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